Summer Enrichment, So You Don’t “Fall” Behind!

As the Summer season gets into full swing it’s hard not to notice that folders and pencil sharpeners are replacing flip flops and sunscreen at almost every local retailer. These not-so-subtle changes can only mean one thing: it’s time to prepare for back to school.  And while most of us think about all the school supplies, new clothes, and sneakers we’ll be purchasing, it’s very important that we remember the one thing our kids need to have fresh and ready for the first day back: their brains!

Studies show that without intervention students can forget a large portion of what they learned during the previous school year over the summer, making it harder for them to perform at or above their new grade level in the fall.  One way we can combat this issue is by making sure our kids are still reading and using math and logic to solve everyday problems.

While it can be comforting as a parent knowing you have some time off from checking homework and running to and from band practices, try to keep in mind that your son or daughter’s performance during the first few weeks of school is what could determine what academic paths they are guided toward by teachers and other superiors.  Try to encourage them to read daily and to practice their math skills.

Try purchasing workbooks for your student’s grade level and encouraging him or her to do a lesson each day or at least every other day during the summer to keep the mind enhanced.  You can also download worksheets for any school subject that are specific to your child’s grade level and learning style at

No matter what method you choose, it’s imperative that you help your child find time to learn and to hone previously learned skills during the summer months.

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