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We have monthly meetings for each age group in addition to private online discussion boards and book clubs.  Empower Girls also has many certification programs for teens and young adults to help enhance their skills and prepare for real working opportunities.

Elementary: ages 8-11

At this phase, girls need help building strong social circles and maintaining a high level of self esteem.  We hold monthly meetings that encourage our elementary aged girls to build strong bonds of sisterhood while learning how to center themselves with positive self-talk and meditation.  

Intermediate: 12-14 year olds

Monthly meetings for our intermediate group are usually centered around time management, academic success, and emotional conditioning.  Conflict resolution, mental wellness, and talks about the changes our bodies are experiencing are heavily incorporated into our online reading groups and interactions as well. 


Our elite members are trained in the areas of entrepreneurship, peer mediation, and conflict resolution.  This group meets monthly and is scheduled for at least one multi-day field trip each year.  We try to pair each of our elite members with a mentor whose life experiences align with the things they want to achieve in the future.

A Guiding Light On the Journey To Womanhood

"Everyone says 'it takes a village," so I started Empower Girls to create a village for girls who didn't have one."
Caitlyn Davis
Founder, CEO

Empower Girls Incorporated

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