Empower Girls will be featured on WMAR Channel 2 News in Baltimore

Recently, two of our founders were interviewed by Shannel Pearman, a news reporter for Channel 2 in Baltimore (WMAR).  Caitlyn and Taisha were asked questions about what made them start the organization and what keeps them going.  

They go on to elaborate upon the effect Empower Girls has made in the community since its start in 2014 and how they hope to inspire others to get active within their neighborhoods to create positive change that spreads like wildfire.  The sisters also shared a few lighthearted moments about what it’s like to learn lots of new things from the girls they mentor, like popular dances and how to stay fly on a teenage budget. 

The story will air Tuesday, January 8th (tonight) during the 5 o’clock news on Baltimore’s channel 2.  We’ll be watching and streaming the appearance from our Facebook Page and will be sure to update this posting with a link to the story once it’s available.  Be sure to tune in to hear more about our mission to help girls achieve and excel so YOU can get involved!


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