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The Empower Girls Network was founded in 2014 by Caitlyn Davis, of Churchville, Maryland. In August of that year, she joined forces with her sister, as well as a lifelong friend to plan and host a self-esteem and skill building workshop for middle school aged girls wherein 20 young women became the first official members of the network. In 2015 the Empower Girls Network achieved official nonprofit status and became Empower Girls Incorporated. Since then we have expanded to include elementary and high school age groups and workshops are being taught all throughout the year.

Our Back-to-School workshops continue to be among our most popular events, as we use them as an opportunity to distribute dozens of free backpacks filled with school supplies to girls and boys in all grade levels. These workshops also allow us to meet students who had previously not been aware of our services and assist them in getting help with tutoring, school clothes, and other personal issues. With the help of our supporters we have been able to provide assistance to more and more students across northeastern Maryland every school year, and have hopes to open our own community center in the near future to provide even more services to the youth who need them the most.

What We Do:

Empower girls focuses on self esteem, goal setting, leadership, and community service. We also teach our girls about the dangers of bullying and encourage them to stand against it in all its forms. It is important to us to instill these values in all of our mentees, in hopes they will be well prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow.

In addition to our workshops we also provide: 1-on-1 mentoring, Educational field trips and learning experiences, Free & low-cost tutoring, access to counseling for youth & families, and off-site seminars for churches, schools, and other youth groups. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Empower Girls can help change the life of a young woman you know, feel free to contact us.

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Meet Our Founding Members

Empower Girls was founded by Caitlyn Davis with the help of her sister and a lifelong friend. Together they ensure Empower Girls is always at the forefront of young women’s empowerment by bringing their professional and life experiences together to create unique and powerful mentoring experiences. We encourage our mentees to select a mentor they feel they connect with most.




Caitlyn was raised in Churchville, MD and has five sisters who were a huge influence on her decision to start a nonprofit that helped girls achieve their goals. She is also the mother of one son and aunt to a host of awesome nieces and nephews. Caitlyn attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she studied business management while starting her first of many online businesses. In addition to Empower Girls she is also CEO of multiple other enterprises, including Empowered Opulence, an online platform from which she coaches women entrepreneurs like herself. She enjoys helping her mentees achieve goals they once deemed impossible.


Jaunita is orginally from Havre de Grace, MD and also attended University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she majored in Business. She went on to serve in the United States Armed Forces and is now a veteran of the US Air Force. Recently wed, Mrs. Duncan is a hardworking mother whose mentees appreciate her encouraging spirit and the quality time she spends with them helping them increase their skills both in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Duncan also has a flair for fashion and beauty and teaches our mentees to find their own personal style while boosting their self-esteem by showing them how to bring out their inner beauty.




Taisha Vinson is a recent Masters-Level graduate of the University of Maryland School of Social Work. She was born in Brandywine, PA and graduated Joppatowne High School prior to becoming an undergraduate at Bowie State University where she received her bachelor’s degree. As a licensed therapist Taisha focuses on discussing mental health with her mentees and helping them find effective ways to navigate their emotions. Her small group activities have helped our girls find their focus, resolve conflicts peacefully, and set and achieve goals they once believed were without their reach. She encourages the girls to use all available resources and to consider all post-high school education options, not just college.

Our Mentoring Programs:

We mentor girls based on their age group to ensure that all of our discussions and activities are always appropriate and poignant. Members are divided into 3 groups:


This group is for girls aged 8-11. Our main objective with girls this age is to help them understand the importance of maintaining great self esteem and a spirit of sisterhood. We want our youngest ladies to build a strong foundation that is based in service to others, academic excellence, and social confidence.


This group is for young ladies aged 12-14. At this phase we focus on setting goals for high school and beyond. Our Intermediate members have access to private online chat sessions with their mentors and other group members. Our mission is to help them make good choices for themselves at all times.


The elite group is comprised of young women aged 15 and older. Many of our elite members serve as mentors to the girls in our elementary group. Our priority for elite members is to prepare them for adulthood by teaching them entrepreneurship and introducing them to all of their options.

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