Empowered girls grow into amazing women who give birth to the ideas that change our world for the better.

~Caitlyn M. Davis Founder

We now serve many within our community and across the state of Maryland as well as around the country through our amazing network of supporters nationwide.

Read on to see how you can get involved!

What's Empower Girls?

Empower Girls Inc. started in 2014 as a mentoring group for middle & high school aged girls.

Our main objective is to provide young ladies with a guiding light on their journey to Womanhood.  We do this by providing them with educational workshops, field trips, and stipends to help with the costs of extracurricular activities.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! We’ve had an amazing year and we’re looking forward to a wonderful 2020! By Caitlyn Davis We’re wishing you and yours a happy

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We Need Your Support!

Empower Girls is only as effective as the people who stand behind us!  

We’re always seeking volunteers for upcoming events and speakers for our workshops.  We offer extensive mentorship training and certifications that can help you advance in other areas of your life as a community leader.

Visit our contact page to see how you can get involved!